Jacket of Making Time by Jane Lancaster

“[Lillian Moller Gilbreth’s] story, told in this book by Jane Lancaster, is an inspiration. I would liked to have known her.”

“The “real” Lillian Moller Gilbreth was much more interesting and complicated than we ever thought. This book just increased by many-fold my admiration of this woman.”

“Jane Lancaster gives life to this pioneering woman engineer, unfortunately typecast by her children’s books. Highly recommended.”

Jacket of By Motor to the Golden Gate

“The book is a hoot…voluminous and interesting footnotes…this is a super book for anybody who tours in pre-World War I cars–and a delightful read for everybody else.” —Old Cars Weekly

“Well researched…Jane Lancaster is to be congratulated for giving this story a second life.” —The Horseless Carriage Gazette

Jacket of Inquire Within by Jane Lancaster

“An outstanding history of this most important historical and influential library, The Providence Athenaeum”